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Extreme Indies & MMA

Combat Zone Wrestling
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Combat Zone Wrestling, one of the top indy promotions in the US thanks in part to their mix of hardcore wrestling as well as boasting some of the top in ring performers.

CZW "They Said It Couldn't Be Done" 6/20/2000
Barb Wire Ropes & Exploding Tables CZW World Title Match: Zandig VS Lobo
Fans Bring Weapons Battle Royal
Nick Berk VS Rockin' Rebel
Jr. Heavyweight Title: Trent Acid VS Ric Blade
Justice Pain VS Nick Mondo
200 Glass Light Tube Death Match: Nick Gage VS Wifebeater

CZW Tournament of Death 4 - 7/30/2005
Barbed Wire Madness: JC Bailey VS Sexxxy Eddy
Light Tube Ropes & Corners: Mad Man Pondo VS Toby Klein
Ultraviolent Tables: Beef Wellington VS Brain Damage
Home Run Derby Death Match: Ian Rotten VS Necro Butcher
Light Tubes & Ladders: Nick Gage VS "Spider" Nate Webb
Fans Bring The Weapons: Zandig VS Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno
Fans Bring The Weapons: JC Bailey VS Nick Gage
Log Cabin Light Tubes: Brain Damage VS Necro Butcher
Panes Of Glass: Toby Klein VS Zandig
Ultraviolent Rumble
Ultraviolent Boxes, Squared Circle Of Fear & Whatever The
F@#k Is Left Death Match: Nick Gage VS Necro Butcher VS Zandig

CZW An Afternoon of Main Events 1/14/2006
"Sweet 'n' Sour" Larry Sweeney VS Excalibur
Niles Young VS Cloudy
Adam Flash VS Heretic
Blackout (Eddie Kingston, Ruckus & Sabian) VS Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli & Super Dragon
CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Derek Frazier (C) VS Cheech
CZW Iron Man Title No.1 Contender's Match: Justice Pain VS Joker
CZW Ultraviolent Title - No-Rope Barb Wire Match: JC Bailey (C) VS Nick Gage VS Necro Butcher

CZW Seven Years Strong - Settling the Score 2/11/2006
Gauntlet Match: Jigsaw VS Hallowicked VS Niles Young VS Sabian VS Heretic
DJ Hyde VS Andy Summer VS Danny Havoc
Larry Sweeney & The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage) VS Excalibur, Sexxxy Eddie & Viking
Barefoot Thumbtacks & Barb-Wire Bat Match: Necro Butcher VS Hellaware Assasin & the Messiah
Adam Flash VS Nate Webb
Sabian VS Derek Frasier
CZW Tag Titles: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli VS Eddie Kingston & Sabian
CZW Iron Man Title: Kevin Steen VS Super Dragon VS Ruckus

CZW "When 2 Worlds Collide" 3/11/2006
Adam Flash, Sonjay Dutt & B-Boy VS Nate Webb, Sexxxy Eddie & the Messiah
Larry Sweeney VS Hallowicked VS Jigsaw VS Andy Summer
Justice Pain VS El Generico
Panes of Glass: DJ Hyde VS Danny Havok VS Nick Gage
Iron Man Title: Kevin Steen VS Super Dragon
Jr. Heavyweight Title Ladder Match: Cheech VS Cloudy VS Sabian VS Heretic VS Niles Young VS Derek Frazier
CZW VS ROH: Eddie Kingston, Ruckus & Necro Butcher VS Roderick Strong, Austin Aries & Matt Sydal

CZW "Strictly CZW" 6/10/2006
Max Boyer VS Lionel Knight VS Christopher Bishop VS Nick Watts VS Jeff Flury VS Matt Bison
Ladder Match: Danny Havok VS Jigsaw VS Hallowicked
Beef Wellington VS Larry Sweeney
Adam Flash & Pandora VS LuFisto & Sexxxy Eddie
Derek Frasier VS B-Boy
TCK Match: Kevin Steen VS DJ Hyde VS Necro Butcher VS the Messiah
John Dahmer VS Ravage
Chris Hero VS Claudio Castagnoli
Eddie Kingston, Ruckus, Sabian & Joker VS Zandig, LOBO, Justice Pain & Nick Gage

CZW "Prelude to Violence" 7/08/2006
Sexxxy Eddie VS Niles Young
Pandora's Box VS the Messiah & Alter Boy Luke
Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak VS Lucky & JC Ryder
Cheech VS Cloudy
The Blackout (Sabian & Joker) VS Kevin Steen & El Generico VS the H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage)
JC Bailey VS Danny Havok
Claudio Castagnoli VS Eddie Kingston
Jigsaw, Derek Frasier & John Dahmer VS DJ Hyde, Hallowicked & Rick Feinberg
Chris Hero VS Necro Butcher
Zandig VS Ruckus

CZW Last Team Standing 10/14/2006
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Rd.1: Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) VS Team Masturbation (Beef Wellington & Excalibur)
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Rd.1: Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) VS Team Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy)
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Rd.1: BLKOUT (Ruckus & Human Tornado) VS The New Jersey All Stars (Lucky & JC Ryder)
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Rd.1: The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage) VS Dead Presidents
CZW Iron Man Title: LuFisto [C] VS DJ Hyde
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Semi-Final
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Semi-Final
CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Jigsaw [C] VS Luke VS SeXXXy Eddie
CZW Heavyweight Title: Eddie Kingston [C] VS Necro Butcher
CZW Tag Title Decision Tournament Finals

CZW "New Year Resolutions" 1/12/2008 (NEW)
1. Alex Colon VS LJ Cruz
2. Nicky Benz VS Joe Gacy
3. Player Uno & Stupefied VS Beed Wellington & Greg Excellent
4. 4-Corners Match: Javi-Air VS Bandido Jr. VS Ryan McBride VS Pinkie Sanchez
5. DJ Hyde VS Whacks
6. Mickie Knuckles VS LuFisto
- Specil Referee: Roxie Cotton
7. CZW Tag Team Titles: Danny Demento & Jon Dahmer [C] VS Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak)
8. CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Sabian [C] VS Azrieal
9. CZW Iron Man & Ultra Violent Underground Title - 20-Minute Iron Man Homerun Derby Match: Joker [Iron Man] VS Brain Damage [UVU]
10. CZW Heavyweight Title - Ultra Violent 6-Way: Nick Gage [C] VS Devon Moore VS Danny Havok VS Drake Younger VS Eddie Kingston VS Ruckus