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Other Puroresu related sites on the internet

Puroresu tape dealers
Links to other sites on the web that deal in puroresu and western pro wrestling tapes:
Mayfield Mayhem - The first site I started ordering tapes from. George Mayfield gets all his stuff personally from Japan and also has hard to find merchendise on his site.
Japantapes - Probably the best and fastest site to get new shows from (CLOSED).
GoldenBoyTapes - Canadian based site with a good archive of tapes
Wrestleholicsvideos - Currently the best place I know to get cheap puroresu tapes with the best video quality. - Has a wide range of pro-wrestling related merchandise.
TripleCrownTapes - Hasn't been updated in a long while, but are still in business and a good place to get QC3 tapes.
PuroresuDVDSource - Excellent picture quality DVDs, but long delivery time.
BAHU FMW - Source for all thing FMW related, and has just about every FMW show ever recorded for sale.
BlueThunderVideo - Canadian based, and one of the few site left that have Zero-One shows.
Other puroresu related sites:
Strong Style Spirit - The ultimate english New Japan news and results site.
Puroresu Power - News from Japanese wrestling and MMA
Picksi's Puroresu Page - Indy promotion news and results, especially for DDT
Sports Navi - Japanese site with coverage of all the major promotions in Japan.
HappyWrestlingLand - Puroresu tape reviews to help you decide what to order
Jujigatame Puroresu~! - English site with wrestler profiles for almost every wrestler in Japan!
Wrestlng Scout - Another site with wrestler as well as MMA & Joshi profiles.

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