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Order Info

Please read before ordering

Ordering Info

IMPORTANT: E-mail me your order and I'll reply a confirmation for your order as well as the address to send your payment to.


At the moment, I only accept payments in cash, money order or Maybank2U. Please note that for cash orders I DO NOT accept coins and I DO NOT refund the difference if you don't send the exact fare. All orders are expected to be paid to the exact amount ordered. All orders shall be sent out as soon as payment is received.

Shipping Charges

All prices are already inclusive of shipping and handling charges, and all orders go out by regular air mail. Express delivery can be arranged, but require you to pay additional to cover the costs. E-mail me for additional express charges.

Delivery Time

It normally takes up to one week for orders to be received within Malaysia. I will only send out your order after I receive the full payment, therefore, the whole process from when you send out your payment to when you receive your order could take up to two weeks.


In the event that a ordered should arrive damaged or unplayable, replacements shall only be issued for the same event at no extra cost for postage. This ONLY applies to the actual VCD and NOT the CD casing.

Pricing (Includes Shipping)

Single DVD  - RM15.00
Double DVD - RM25.00
Triple DVD   - RM32.00
- Two 1hr shows may be placed on a single DVD for the same RM15.00 price
2 Hour Shows - RM20.00
3 Hour Shows - RM25.00
4 Hour Shows - RM30.00
5 Hour Shows - RM35.00
Compilations - RM10.00 per disc
(Shows that run 2hr30min etc, prices are rounded off to the nearest hour)
Orders outside Malaysia, please e-mail me for prices.

VCD Orders, Questions or Comments: